TextoWear prepares its editorial content with an elegant  understanding of fast fashion, brandization, differentiation and current developments of market competition. TextoWear examines all production chains such as textile, ready-to-wear accessories, sub-industry, retail chains in detail and shares  its experiences with its readers.

News: Developments on very dynamic markets of textile, ready-to-wear, fashion and accessories are given in this section. Current news on local and international sectors is offered to readers in very clear and correct way. News on ready-to-wear, yarn and fabric manufacturers as well as remarks of company managers and new introductions are parts of this section, too.

Ready-to-Wear: Besides Worldwide known brands and designers, Turkish brands’ latest season and next season collections given part with visual designs. In addition to Spring-Summer and Autumn-Winter collection news, beachwear collections, underwear collections, haute couture collections and special fashion parades of designers take part in this section.

Event: Fashion fairs, particularly concerning ready-to-wear and fashion World, fashion shows, yarn and fabrics fairs and such like sectoral events take part in this section. With Increasing number of events widening fast fashion, we are working on informational news about these events such as; visitor and exhibitor details.

Retail: Marketing strategies, current structure of supply-demand balance, brand and companies' meeting points are given part in this section. Consumer habits, which differ in countries and region based, companies income&profit announcements, new factory and store informations etc. and past production process are examined under Retail section.

Accessory: One of the most important instruments of fashion and designers, accessories take part in this section. Today, accessories are not a portion of ready-to-wear but an independent section of fashion. In addition to shoe, bag, hat, watch, eyewear etc., sub-industry accessories are presented in this section too. TextoWear announces the changes of ready-to-wear season and accessories trend.

Trend: Sector and trend determining global fashion and ready-to-wear brands’ season collections are featured in this section. Product details and collection themes take part with our special designs in Trend sections. Trend area is one of the most prestigious pages of Textowear.

Interview: Interviews made with the foundation and corporation managers, who are in the textile and garment sector, sector professionals and designers transmit an insight about the sector to the readers concerning both production process and current developments. Sector representatives share their goals, expectations and solution strategies, works give on to the market directly with their interviews.